So what is The Vital Blend? Basically, there is no one single, isolated nutrient or food that guarantees good or poor health. In reality, there are two types of foods we can consume; those that work WITH our body in preventing and reducing the risk of illness or those that work AGAINST us by increasing our risk of developing sicknesses and disease.


The Vital Blend is about discovering that special “blend” of foods which work WITH our bodies so that we may enjoy a life of optimal human health, lowering our risk of ever having to struggle with life-threatening sickness and disease.

The Vital Blend is not affiliated with ANY groups, organizations or associations and remains 100% independent in its views towards optimal human health. The views expressed are influenced by the findings of nutritional science, long-term success (both historical and professional) and personal experience.



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Hello, my name is Anthony Vita.  In 2012 I forever changed my health for the better by simply centering meals on plant-based, whole foods. Before the change I was plagued with head colds, digestive issues, headaches, fever, sore throats and brain fog, not to mention struggling with high cholesterol and being overweight.

Once I began to understand the direct relationship between the food I was eating and the way I was both looking and feeling my problems began to REVERSE! Within a few months ALL of these problems began disappearing and have not returned. I have not been sick ONE day in the past two years and have lost over 50lbs (over 3 pant sizes). I can honestly say, at 45 years of age, I both look and feel better than ever in my life.

Upon witnessing my own transformation, I was absolutely certain that I could help others do the same – all it takes is LEARNING about how food impacts your health and (most importantly) CARING enough to make the necessary changes.

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