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Myth #1: To maintain optimal health, we must consume as much protein as possible.

Fact:  The human body does not store protein, as it does fat. When we consume more protein than our body needs, it’s passed through our kidneys and liver and into the toilet, overburdening them and increasing our risk of kidney stones or osteoporosis. How much protein do we need? Think of it this way, during the first six CRUCIAL months of our lives, when we’re doubling in size, our mother’s milk is only 5% protein. Quite simply, our protein needs are often over-exaggerated by corporations looking to sell more PRODUCT. By eating a plant-based diet our protein needs are easily satisfied.




Myth #2: We need to drink cow’s milk for calcium. 

Fact:  Ever wondered where cow’s get their calcium from? Plants! Cow’s don’t make it, but plants do. Instead of getting your calcium filtered through a cow’s udder, get it directly from plants instead. Not to mention, you’ll avoid all the saturated fat, cholesterol, pus and environmental contaminants typically found in cow’s milk.



Myth #3: To lose weight we must count calories.

Fact:  While it’s true we gain weight by consuming more calories than we burn away, keeping track of calories is often a frustrating, losing game. What’s most important is making sure the majority of the calories we consume are not from FAT. It’s those fat calories that quickly add pounds. Every gram of fat is 9 calories, while every gram of carbohydrate is 4 calories. The focus should be on eating the lower calorie foods (fruits, vegetables, starches) instead of the higher calories ones (vegetable oils, fat, butter, cheese, chicken).


Myth #4: Everyone should avoid gluten for better health.

Fact:  While it’s true that some people are sensitive to wheat and/or gluten (around 1% of the population), most people are perfectly fine by including it in their diets. The fiber associated with wheat adds good gut bacteria, the kind we need to maintain optimum health.  Sadly, the term “gluten-free” has become an advertising buzzword to sell more products. However, it is not a healthy choice for most everyone.


Myth #5: Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar.

Fact:  Every cell in our body uses sugar, or glucose, as fuel. Insulin, secreted by our pancreas, is the “key” allowing sugars into our cells. What would prevent this “key” from working as it should? When our cells become filled with too much fat, the sugar cannot enter as easily so it remains in our blood supply, raising our blood-sugar level. Did you know Type-2 diabetes is 100% reversible? Once you stop eating fatty foods (meat, dairy, vegetable oils) and center your diet on low-fat, plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables and starches) your body can repair itself and function normally again.


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