The Vital Blend  
“Five Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Health”

by Anthony Vita


For nearly three years I had been working in business sales at a multinational, Fortune 50 company in Nashville and the corporate way of life was beginning to take its toll on my health. My demanding job often meant little time for eating and poor decisions when I did.

During that time I used every single one of my allotted days set aside for sickness and personal time to deal with health issues such as head colds, stomach bugs, headaches, fevers, sore throats, strep throat and brain fog. Seeing a doctor provided little help, as he only prescribed medications that relieved my symptoms but did not address the root CAUSE of my illnesses.

It wasn’t until a visit from one of my best friends, Chris, that I decided it was time to step back and reevaluate everything I was eating and why. Chris had been struggling with symptoms of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and experiencing musculo-skeletal type pain in his chest, neck and sides.  After consulting with numerous doctors and having thousands of dollars billed to his insurance company for MRIs and other tests, not a single one was able to determine what CAUSED his pain.  All the doctors wanted to do was bill for more tests.  Chris had enough of this, did his own research and shifted his diet to one that incorporated more real, naturally grown foods and less packaged, processed ones. I could see personally how he both looked and felt better than he had in years.

You’ve heard the old saying: “You are what you eat”. That means I was closer to General Tso than a celery stick. If I had one major take away after watching what Chris did to heal himself – I needed to stop eating heavily processed, “junk” foods and eat more FRUITS and GREENS. If I was going to get my health back on track I had to quickly get over my reluctance to eat vegetables.

You see, at the restaurant, I was the one passing on the FREE salad that came with the meal. At the Chinese buffet, I was the guy who goes straight for the fried foods like General’s chicken, fried rice, and sweet and sour pork. Sure, I would grab a couple of broccoli spears in good faith, but they were still on my plate when the waiter walked it away.

If I was going to start eating vegetables, I had to come up with something radical (for me anyway) to make it easy and tasty at the same time. I FINALLY realized the solution to my dilemma when I discovered “green smoothies”.

While smoothies are beverages prepared in a blender using a mixture of fruit and ice, a “green smoothie” is one that includes green vegetables. I learned you could combine both fruits AND vegetables into a homemade drink using a blender that not only tasted terrific but supplied a generous, healthy, “shot” of nutrition as well.

Now HERE was something I could get behind. If I could gain the benefits of vegetables by DRINKING them without wanting to throw up, we may have a deal!

Not already owning a blender, I picked up a Nutribullet.  It’s a small, inexpensive yet powerful and highly portable blender specially designed for pulverizing everything from fruits and vegetables to nuts and seeds. Once I began cutting out the junk food and added a green smoothie to my day, the results were UNDENIABLE. Not only did I lose 50lbs and drop three pant sizes over the course of a year, but EVERY SINGLE health problem I struggled with earlier was GONE and hasn’t returned, not even a runny nose.

I was so impressed with how quickly I shed pounds AND felt better that I just had to learn MORE. What was happening that caused me to lose weight? Why do certain foods make you feel sick while others make you feel remarkable? Then, I started wondering about OTHER changes I could make to feel even BETTER.

I did a tremendous amount of research over many months by reading books, news articles, watching documentaries, interviews, lectures, debates, and listening to countless testimonials from average people who were having varying degrees of success in their own search for optimal health.

I approached this research with an open mind; ready to change ANYTHING I firmly believed would make me healthier. Many core beliefs I maintained about the food we eat, where it comes from, how it’s made and “sold” to us were challenged, and in many cases, changed for the better.

Over the course of this book, I am going to share the biggest discoveries I made along with the most significant adjustments you can make to your current diet that will have POSITIVE health impacts both immediately and for the rest of your life.

One thing you may realize, just as I did – the solution for optimal health is fairly simple. Once you understand both the positive and negative consequences associated with eating certain foods, the easier your decisions will be for planning your next meals.

Every single one of us carries DNA that is designed to keep us at a perfect point of health. On a very basic, PRIMAL level, we human beings are “hardwired” to both survive and reproduce, or pass our genetic “blueprints” to future generations so the cycle of life can endure.

Most any creature you see in nature is healthy, perfectly fit, and lean because they instinctively recognize the “fuel” mandatory to their survival and ability to produce offspring. Humans are built the very same way, except for many; we have become distracted and no longer aware of the foods most suitable for our own survival.

Now is the time to question why we consume poisonous, unhealthy products that only make profits for big corporations at the expense of our health. Let’s begin reacquainting ourselves with the foods that have proven VITAL to powering our ancestors through the ages, making it possible for us to be here today.




At the beginning of this book I claimed we are all being poisoned. However, it’s not just our food that contains toxins, but our mind as well. We are being poisoned with bad information that, in turn, leads us to make poor health decisions. Imagine being advised by someone you trusted to use diesel instead of gasoline as fuel in your car… and you believe them! What kind of damage would that do to your engine?

The dairy industry actually has people believing that a product such as cow’s milk is one of the best ways “to ensure your diet is nutritious and balanced”.  They also claim we need milk for calcium to build stronger bones. Have you ever stopped to think where the calcium in milk actually comes from? Calcium is a mineral and originates from the SOIL.  Cows get it from the plants they eat. If cows get their calcium from plants, why do we need to get our calcium filtered through the udder of a cow? Simple, we don’t. Plus, the high acidity of dairy causes our bones to release sulfur in order to neutralize the acid, weakening them in the process and increasing our risk of osteoporosis.

As a matter of fact, believing we need cow’s milk for ANY reason is completely misleading. Did you know humans are the ONLY species on the planet who drink the milk of another species? We are also the ONLY species who continue drinking milk after our infancy. How could we have possibly gotten this so wrong? Again, we have a multi-million dollar dairy industry that needs to sell PRODUCT and therefore convince you it’s something you absolutely need. It’s just “Business 101”.

When you further understand the role of mother’s milk for any mammal species, this becomes even clearer. For example, human breast milk is ESSENTIAL for human babies during the most crucial time of their lives, when nervous, respiratory and immune systems are being strengthened. Human breast milk contains just the right amount of protein and other nutrients to ensure infants are properly nourished and grown to a particular size during this very important time.

Similarly, cow’s milk contains just the right nutrient density and growth hormones to grow a baby calf from 60 lbs. to 600 lbs. in six months; in other words, large growth over a short period of time. This applies to ALL mammals on the planet – the breast milk produced for their babies is tailored to their species for its own growth requirements and they NEVER drink it again for the rest of their lives.

What has been the cost to human health by over consumption of cow’s milk and its derived products, namely cheese, butter and other dairy?



There are a couple of key reasons why people are now more overweight than ever. One of them is due to the regular consumption of fat and growth hormones (animal proteins) naturally occurring in dairy products. For example, cheese is about 70% fat by nature and found in many of the foods we eat regularly. According to the USDA, in 1909 the average person consumed less than 4lbs of cheese per year. Today, each American consumes around 33lbs per year! So what has caused this dramatic change in our eating habits?

In the 1950s we witnessed the rise of fast food chains and TV dinners and shortly afterwards, junk foods such as flavored snack chips. Eventually, people could pick up a phone and have these foods delivered right to their door! At first we treated these convenient food options more as delicacies, only indulging as time or money allowed. Today, however, our lives are seemingly CENTERED on where to go eat and finding quick foods at the grocery store that are cheap and easy to make. In the process we have sacrificed quality for convenience. We gradually began disconnecting from our mostly plant-based eating habits that once made us strong and more towards poor decisions that have weakened us and wreaked havoc on our health.

What happens when we are overweight or obese? As I mentioned earlier, an environment is created inside our body that promotes disease. One of the biggest diseases related to obesity is Type-2 diabetes. Many will tell you this disease is caused by eating too much sugar, which is not true. As I mentioned earlier, sugar (or glucose) is VITAL to every single cell in our body, which use it as the primary source of FUEL.

The way sugar enters our cells is by insulin, which is secreted by the pancreas. However, when our cells get too fatty the insulin becomes ineffective at allowing the sugar inside. Once this happens the excess sugar remains in our blood supply, causing blood sugar levels to dramatically rise. A doctor will give us medication to reduce our blood sugar levels; however, this does not solve the problem, it only helps us live WITH it. In most cases, this disease can be REVERSED by simply losing weight. As we learned earlier, this is done by consuming less fat calories, specifically, staying away from foods with saturated fat which caused our cells to become fatty in the first place.

When we have an environment inside our body that PROMOTES disease it is like losing that bodyguard I talked about earlier. Once this happens, we’re vulnerable to not only heart disease and diabetes but a host of MANY other health problems.





If you really need MORE evidence as to what is compromising our health, look no further than our children. One of the most alarming health epidemics in America is the increasingly poor health of our youth.

Nearly ALL children have begun developing fatty streaks in their arteries by the age of 10, otherwise known as the beginning stages of heart disease. More than 1/3 of all children are obese. Type-2 diabetes, a disease previously found only in adults over 40, is becoming more common among children. One in three children in America has high cholesterol. Why is this happening?

Quite simply, children are adopting the same poor eating habits that are getting their parents in the SAME trouble; only kids are getting a much EARLIER start. If that’s not enough, every time they turn on a television they’re constantly bombarded with billions of advertising dollars promoting fast food, junk food and all sorts of cholesterol and saturated fatty products as “all natural” and “healthy”.

An alarming 84% of American parents admit to feeding their children fast food at least once a week. For anyone who STILL does not believe that meat, dairy and other highly concentrated, “rich” products such as fried foods and sodas are not to blame, they really need to ask themselves this question – WHAT IS?

When you watch the footage of an open heart surgery you can see the surgeon pulling out plaque from an artery. That is not a Brussels sprout or green bean – it is FAT. And just as there is a symphony of healthy foods that nourish our bodies, there is another symphony of foods that triggers disease.

If we want to protect ourselves, our family and loved ones from becoming an alarming statistic, it is time to look closely at how we eat and decide how we can begin making changes TODAY.


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